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Sign up for either the WORKSHOP where you get to learn from Zuora product experts while working through practical use cases inside the Zuora platform in a classroom-style setting. OR, sign up for the PLAYGROUND, to complete self-guided exercises in the latest sandbox with the latest releases. SMEs will be present in both areas to help as needed.  Attendees will be the first to try out any new features announced at Subscribed!


Examples of WORKSHOP topics include:

  1. Setting Up Your Product Catalog: Tips & tricks, Best practices, Downstream considerations
  2. Workflow: Using the data model as the basis, understanding the features and capabilities of Workflow and working through a couple of basic use cases
  3. RevPro: Contract Modification in RevPro
  4. Understanding CPQ: 3-cloud overview, Configurations, Quoting, Rules Engine, Guided Selling

Examples of Exercises in the PLAYGROUND include:

  1. Configure a one month free trial within your Product Catalog
  2. Revenue Workbench scavenger hunt
  3. Leverage the Generic API loader to make mass updates, such as switching your customers from batch from batch 1 to batch 2
  4. Create a multi-year ramp deal subscription
  5. Add and customize a workflow template

How to Reserve Your Spot

Simply log into your registration page and sign up. 


Not yet registered? There's still time! Join us at Subscribed San Francisco on June 4-5th.