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One Month Countdown Begins for the Brand New Reporting Engine

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Zuora is unveiling a brand new reporting engine and you’ll be the first to get your hands on it! We’re bringing all of your most important subscription metrics like MRR, Churn, Usage, Revenue and Deferred Revenue right to your fingertips. Pick from our library of best-practice subscription reports or build your own. Don’t forget to share them with your colleagues so they can celebrate your successes too.





New Features to be Excited About

  • Pre-Built Report Library - 49 best-practice subscription reports for your billings, bookings, cash and revenue metrics
  • Intuitive Report Builder - Easily drag and drop fields to dynamically customize your reports
  • Report Scheduling & Sharing - Automate report runs and share them with your colleagues in-app or via email
  • Increased Performance - Faster, stronger and more reliable to process your complex data sets


Nice Things You've Said

“This is a tremendous step forward. With this, it’s very easy to play around with the data and see what you’re interested in.” - Jacob Feisley, Appspace


"I love this. I'm so excited! I know what I'm doing the rest of the day. I think I'm going to put up an 'out-of-office' notice so that I can just work with this." - Patti Keeler, Arrow Electronics


“The interface is so much more intuitive.” - Anthony Hewitt, Brightpearl


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I get access?

To ensure the best experience possible, we will provision access to all customers in phases beginning October 25th through the end of November. Look for our next communication coming on October 12th for your migration window.


2. Do I need to do anything?

Nope! We will migrate your existing report definitions from the old reporting tool to the new reporting engine for you. Read about what's included in the migration here. We’ll also remove your old reports to free you from any confusion.


3. Where can I learn more?

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