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Live Zuora Community Member Events in Southern CA

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On October 24th, I was co-host along with Adnan Lapamuk of the inaugural Zuora San Diego Community Chapter. We had 5 attendees from CardConnect, Measurbl and PeakCommerce meet at the One American Plaza building near Little Italy. 


We applied the Lean Coffee approach to the meeting; first getting acquainted and sharing ice breakers (Aaron Smith from CardConnect won this hands down). Once we had all made our introductions, we discussed current pain points that the attendees were having within their ecosystem.


Zuora User Group San Diego.png


Keeping the conversation agile in nature allowed us to fully discuss topics and gain insight into the types of issues the attendees were having. After 60 minutes of great dialog, we chose to capture topics for the next session afterward. Initial topics included credit card processing, payment gateways, credit card capture via Zuora's Salesforce Package, and automating the process therein so there are fewer touchpoints on behalf of Sales and Accounting teams.


Future conversations will lead to using workflows to automate business processes, provisioning using workflow, and the hot topic of RevPro for ASC 606 compliance.


(L-R) Tiffany Hernandez (Measurabl), Adnan LaPamuk (PeakCommerce), Aaron Smith (CardConnect), Amanda Brownell and Gerry Soto (PeakCommerce)(L-R) Tiffany Hernandez (Measurabl), Adnan LaPamuk (PeakCommerce), Aaron Smith (CardConnect), Amanda Brownell and Gerry Soto (PeakCommerce)


We decided the next session would be held after Thanksgiving during the first week of December. Once we get through the Holidays, we will set a regular cadence for the meetings (e.g. 2nd Wednesday of each week).


If you’re in the San Diego area, join us!