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Another Subscribed San Francisco is down in the books!


From a Community standpoint, what’s especially notable about this year’s event is that we were able to roll out the red carpet for 25 Community VIPs - including our Community Gurus - where they received cool Zuora swag at registration and also had a chance to meet each other and other key Zuora team members at a post-Subscribed mixer at Executive Order Bar and Lounge.


Subscribed VIPs Collage.pngClockwise starting upper left: Kevin Lussie, Jacob Feisley, Ben Hazelwood, Andrew Aitken / Andrew receiving his Guru shirt / Andrew, Jacob and Tracy Pelon / Swetha Beepyata and Brandon Ankuda discussing CPQ / Erin Havens chatting with David Hoang / Randi Johnson showing off her jersey


Additionally, Community Guru Maggie Longshore (@maggieL) Principal Software Engineer from ConstructConnect with our Community All-Star Award at our Customer Awards Party. You may recognize Maggie in the Community’s Zuora CPQ forum; she has posted close to 300 posts and has been given nearly 100 kudos. Way to go Maggie!


We also awarded our Gurus with personalized jerseys to show our appreciation for their efforts within the Community. On average, our five Gurus have posted an average of 193 posts, received 87 kudos and have 10 solutions...that’s a lot of brain power!

Subscribed Guru Shirts.pngL-R: Community Gurus Randi Johnson, Erin Havens, Andrew Aitken, Jacob Feisley


I know you’re wondering, “What did it take to be selected as a Community VIP or Guru?”. I’m glad you asked!


Community VIPs were handpicked (by me!) as power users who’ve found value in the Community - either by writing several posts and replies or reading through a large number of threads, getting valuable information posted by others.


Community Gurus - the ultimate Zuora Community rank - go above and beyond by actively helping other customers and even Zuora staff members by answering their questions or sharing additional use cases. Learn more about the Community Guru program.


Below are the Subscribed 2019 Community VIPs (Gurus marked with a "+"): 


  • + Andrew Aitken @Andrew8ken , Keylight
  • Austin Poulter @austin-poulter, Pluralsight
  • Ben Hazelwood @bahazelwood, Solium
  • Bill Davis @billdavis , Solium
  • Brandon Ankuda @bankuda , Zillow
  • Brodi Smith @brodi-smith, Pluralsight
  • Chad Lucas @chadlucas , GitHub
  • + Erin Havens @ehavens, Construct Connect
  • Gerald Soto @geraldwsoto , Lead To
  • + Jacob Feisley @feisley, Appspace
  • Jaime Dande @jdande, Zillow
  • Jessica Martin @JessicaM, Right Networks
  • Jing Chen @jingchen , Yelp
  • Justin Wong @justinw, Unity Technologies
  • Karen Eng @KE, Solium
  • Marcie Laux @marcielaux, S&P
  • Mike Johnstone @mike-johnstone, Pluralsight
  • Mike Reid @mike-reid, Pluralsight
  • Neil Smith @neilsensmith, Zillow
  • Neta Pyasi @netapyasi, Solium
  • + Randi Johnson @rjohnson, Right Networks
  • Ridhima Kotecha @Ridhima, SiriusXM
  • Sai Ho @skho, Zenput
  • Tatyana Golubeva @tatyana, Pluralsight
  • Tiarra Stout @TiarraS, Pluralsight


And many thanks to Zuora team members who are strong supporters of the Zuora Community:

  • Swetha Beepyata @swethab, Director Product Management (CPQ)
  • Richard Sawey @Richard, Sr. Manager Customer Success Architect
  • Kevin Lussie @kevin_lussie, Customer Success Architect
  • Tracy Pelon @Tracy , Director of Technical Documentation, Global Support and Community
  • David Hoang @davidhoang, Principal Solution Architect
  • Wei Wei @weiwei, Sr. Manager U.S. Global Support
  • Daniel Lyons @Daniel_L, Manager EMEA Global Support
  • Doyeli Ray @doyeli, Manager, Salesforce Application Support
  • Rich Reilly @RichRye, Sr. Director Global Events
  • Dudley Duberry, San Francisco Office Manager and Learners' Lounge coordinator extraordinaire!

If you'd like to get more involved with helping improve the Zuora Community - including developing LIVE events with your fellow community members, check out the Community Advocates group.  I'd love to get your ideas and feedback on what would help make your Zuora experience better.


Hope to see you on our VIP list for Subscribed 2020!