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Announcing 100% REST APIs and New Developer Center

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REST API Dev Center



We're excited to announce that 100% of Zuora's APIs are now available as REST!


First, you'll have access to an all-encompassing REST API, that now includes the same functionality as our SOAP API. Secondly, we have launched a fantastic, new Developer Center that is laser focused on making these REST APIs incredibly user friendly--easy to understand and work with.



New Features to be Excited about

  • 100% REST - API Coverage
  • API Tutorials - Nail the basics with a Quick Start API guide and tackle advanced use cases with our API Tutorials
  • Slick API Reference - Review documentation that follows the modern, three column layout. You'll get descriptions of every REST endpoint that we have, with code samples in many popular languages
  • Code Libraries - Take advantage of these libraries to integrate using your favorite programming language


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I get access?
    Both are available immediately! The full REST APIs are available now. You can visit our Developer Center and review our Tutorials, Code Libraries, and documentation at www.zuora.com/developer
  2. Do I need to do anything?
    Nope, not right now. However, going forward, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our REST APIs.
  3. Where can I learn more?