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March 2023: Coming Soon To The Zuora Community

  • 1.  March 2023: Coming Soon To The Zuora Community

    Posted 03-20-2023 12:41

    A little late for my March update. Here's the latest Zuora Community update for you to see what changes are coming to the Community:

    Community Table Talks

    March 2023

    • Registration Improvements 
      1. Table Talks available by mid-month - available now
      2. Receive Zoom invitation link upon registration - work in progress
      3. Investigate registering for multiple sessions - work in progress

    Zuora Community
    March 2023

    Future Flashes

    • Best Practice Community checklists and tips for different Zuora activities like month-end close, testing, troubleshooting, etc.
    • Community Member Showcase - Discover the most helpful Community Members by topic so you know who to connect with

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist