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Community Email Notifications Overview and Best Practices

By Lana Lee posted 02-16-2023 11:42


Zuora Community email notifications are important to stay updated on the latest product news, maintenance updates, and release notifications.  

There are two types of notifications - Discussion and Consolidated:. 

  1. Discussion Notifications have content that is specific to just Discussion posts within a Community group.
    • One may select from real-time and digest notifications or opt-out of notifications.
  2. Consolidated Notifications have content from across the entire community in a daily and/or weekly digest.

There are two types of Daily Digests: Daily Discussion Digests and Daily Consolidated Digests.

  1. Daily Discussion Digest - specific to the group you are joining and is triggered by new discussions posts.  Does not include blogs, events, library uploads.
  2. Daily Consolidated Digest - Provides a comprehensive view of ALL community activity from the previous day and includes new announcements, blogs, discussions, events, and library uploads.

You can manage your community notifications from your profile’s Group Notification Settings
(Profile > My Account > Group Notifications).

Community Email Notification Best Practices

  • Select Daily Consolidated Digest when you are in several Community groups and wish to receive ONE email for ALL activities.
  • Select Daily Digest when you are only in 1-3 different Community groups and are only interested in Discussions.
  • Receive Maintenance and Release Notification discussion posts in real-time as they often contain important and timely information.
  • Select YES to Automatically set group discussion emails to "No Email" when a group is added to a consolidated digest to prevent additional discussion email notifications already included in the consolidated daily digest.


For more detail into community notifications, view the presentation below:

Zuora Community Email Notifications