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Expand Your Profile by Adding your Role, Product Interests, and Certifications

  • 1.  Expand Your Profile by Adding your Role, Product Interests, and Certifications

    Posted 06-30-2022 03:12
    Edited by Lana Lee 07-26-2023 11:43

    Previously as a Community member, one could customize your profile with the standard info: Bio & Area(s) of Expertise, Education, Job History, Honors & Awards, and Professional Associations.  I've recently added some new fields that'll allow members to connect with one another based on Industry, Zuora User Role, Certifications, and Product Interests.  As Community Advocates, I'm giving you a sneak peek at this new feature before announcing it to the rest of the Community. 

    By adding these extra fields to your profile, not only will you be able to be found by others who share your background, but also be able to search for others as well and perhaps expand your network by connecting with another member whose experience is different or complements yours.

    * Please note that all profile fields are OPTIONAL. One may still have a rewarding Community experience without expanding one's profile.

    As mentioned, I hope to announce this to the general Community next week so please try it out using the steps below.  I look forward to your feedback and suggestions! 

    Get Started with Your Community Profile

    1. Go to your profile.  Click on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner and select "Profile"

    How to get to your community profile

    2. Fill out your profile (Example).  The new fields are in the red box shown below and explanations are below.  

    Adding more information to profile

    3. Search for others.
    • Go to the Member Directory in the top navigation
    • Click on "Advanced Options" for additional search fields to appear.
    • Select the area(s) you'd like to search the Community by
    • Click on the button "Find Members" to begin the directory search.
    • Community members who fall within your search query should appear below.
    How to add additional information to profile

    About the Community's New Profile Fields

    Oftentimes at Subscribed events, customers have approached me to ask if they knew of any other customers in a certain industry. Now you can select from the following:

    Zuora User Role
    Looking to connect with others who use Zuora day-to-day like you or perhaps you're wanting to find someone to discuss topics outside of your role? This field will help you expand your network.

    • Billing User
    • Commerce User
    • Developer
    • Finance Administrator, Finance User
    • Payments User
    • Platform Administrator, Platform User
    • Reporting Administrator, Reporting User

    Earning a certification is a great way to demonstrate your skill set and this is the place to display it so others will know that you're an expert at what you do.  Are you Zuora Certified? If so, add it here and share your accomplishments with the Community!

    • Zuora Administrator
    • Zuora Billing Analyst
    • Zuora Billing Consultant
    • Zuora Revenue Analyst
    • Add your own...

    Product Interests
    What Zuora area fascinates you the most?  Perhaps you're an expert in that field or you're striving to be, this is where you can select the Zuora topics that mean the most to you. In this field, others may endorse your skills.

    • Billing - Central Platform
    • Billing - Central Product Catalog
    • Billing - Global Payments
    • Billing - Order Management
    • Billing - Platform Scalability, Security & Compliance
    • Billing - Rating & Billing
    • Billing - Reporting and Analytics
    • Billing - Subscription Accounting
    • Billing - Workflow
    • Commerce
    • Marketplace - Automated GL Connectors
    • Marketplace - Connector for NetSuite
    • Marketplace - Developer Tools
    • Marketplace - Tax Connector
    • Zuora Billing
    • Zuora Collections
    • Zuora CPQ
    • Zuora Revenue

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist