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A Fresh and Modern Makeover for the Zuora Community

  • 1.  A Fresh and Modern Makeover for the Zuora Community

    Posted 10-30-2022 21:11

    With the introduction of Zuora’s new brand, it’s now Zuora Community’s turn for a refresh —   allowing it to evolve from a simple support community into a true center of excellence.  With this new refresh, Zuora Community members now have  a space to ask questions, deepen their product expertise through the Learners’ Lounge, and network with others through Community programs like our monthly Table Talks

    To reflect the Community’s development, we decided to prominently display these spaces to support your Zuora journey:

    Streamlined Navigation

    Simplified navigation takes you where you need to go, no matter where you are in the Community.  We’ve also regrouped sub-navigation items based on topics.

    What’s New in the Community Navigation?

    Groups (formerly “Communities”) are now categorized by  

    • Zuora Products
    • Interest Groups
    • Role-based and Regional groups

    Table Talks are accessible from Events.

    Resources like Training, Documentation, Release Notes and Maintenance are now in the topmost global navigation under “Resources” that can be accessed everywhere on the domain.

    Virtual Learners’ Lounge

    If you’ve ever been to Zuora’s Subscribed conference, the Learners’ Lounge is the place where you can get answers from Zuora experts; basically, it’s free consulting! Now you don’t have to wait for another Subscribed event to benefit as we have real-time and on-demand resources to help you learn more about Zuora:

    • Table Talks
    • Community Video Library
    • *Coming Soon* Community Checklists

    Networking Resources

    We’re building ways for Community members to connect with one another starting with role-based and regional groups, some of which have monthly Community exchanges that are customer-led, Zuora-facilitated conversations.  Additionally, using features to expand your Community profile, allows others sharing the same interests to discover and connect with you.

    Get started with your community journey by checking out this short tutorial where you can choose your adventure in the Zuora Community based on whether you’d like to ask a question, learn more, or network with others. And if you’d like to be a part of shaping the Community for other Zuora users, I’d love for you to join me as a Community Advocate where you can hear about and test Community features before I announce them to the general Community.

    Lana Lee
    Zuora Community Senior Community Manager and Strategist