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Why Im Leading a DACH Zuora Community Chapter

  • 1.  Why Im Leading a DACH Zuora Community Chapter

    Posted 07-20-2020 19:13

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    A few months ago, my team and I gave birth to the idea of setting up something like a Zuora user group, in which Zuora customers from the DACH area can exchange information about features, developments and general handling of Zuora and, for example, share solutions to problems other DACH customers might encounter.


    As the Business Process Analyst of Finance/IT at Trusted Shops, my current focus is to integrate two different business units into the Zuora world and eventually have 100% of our recurring revenue processed via Zuora. In our daily business, we sometimes struggle to keep up with German GOBD-conformity and of course have various sorts of challenges with regards to system implementation and process automation, as were aiming to achieve a very high grade of automation within our company.


    Being a leader in e-commerce security, Trusted Shops uses Zuora to optimize its processes within Finance and the Customer Success Teams and gather insights into our customers revenue streams. Having a user group to discuss common issues with other organizations like ours is invaluable to me because I am deeply convinced that exchanging common problems benefits all parties involved. This holds true even more once you acknowledge that in most of the companies using Zuora, there are only a few people who are really diving deeply into Zuoras functionality and may even oversee quite a lot of its potential. I would like to benefit from that unused potential.


    When I heard about Zuora Community Chapters, I was more than willing to lead a group in the DACH area because it aligned with the idea that I had envisioned - a peer-driven group where we not only share our use cases but can also talk openly about our pain points and ways we can collaborate together to help influence the product roadmap. I also envision discussions where Zuora teams might listen in on our conversations as well as participate. 


    I am excited about the DACH Chapters potential in helping its group members better use Zuora and am looking forward to meeting other customers like ours to collaborate and connect with. If this sounds like something that might interest you, please let me know.


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    About Niklas Josten, Business Process Analyst Finance/IT at Trusted Shops 

    Niklas Josten is the Business Process Analyst of Finance/IT at Trusted Shops where he leads two major migration projects of the remaining two business units into our Zuora world.


    About Trusted Shops (EN | DE)

    In our ever-digitising world, trust is becoming more and more important. All stakeholders operating in a networked world need to be able to rely on their privacy and security being guaranteed. Trusted Shops offers all the tools and services they need to ensure and boost trust in the digital transformation. Back in 1999, Jean-Marc Noël and Ulrich Hafenbradl embarked on the mission of making online shopping more secure. Back then, e-commerce was in its early stages even though Amazon and Ebay had already achieved considerable success in the US, creating a wave of enthusiasm in Europe as well. However, worries emerged among European consumers who started to ask questions about the security of e-commerce and the trustworthiness of mostly unknown online retailers. For the Trusted Shops founders, who were simply enthusiastic about the many online shops that had started cropping up, one thing was clear: Europe needed a trust brand that could guarantee consumers a safe shopping experience and step in to protect them from financial losses. This brand would not serve large players only. Instead, it would support small and medium enterprises in proving their trustworthiness. This was the only way to guarantee equal opportunities to online retailers and true freedom of choice to consumers.


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