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[WEBINAR] Behind the Scenes: Zuora's Secret Sauce for Growth

  • 1.  [WEBINAR] Behind the Scenes: Zuora's Secret Sauce for Growth

    Posted 03-24-2017 09:43

    Zuora's Secret Sauce for Growth



    Behind the Scenes: Zuora's Secret Sauce for Growth

    April 13th at 10:00AM - 10:30AM PDT

    Can't make the live event? All registered attendees will receive a webinar recording.


    We just went live with our brand new analytics product, Insights, and it has transformed the way every department in our organization operates.


    Here is an example of how we can view our customers:


    Zuora Webinar April 13.png


    Come chat live with VP/GM of Insights, Matthew Darrow and Product Marketer, An Ly to see a live demonstration of how Zuora is using Insights internally to:


    • Grow revenue by finding upsells we didnt know before
    • Reduce churn by driving product adoption and engagement
    • Mitigate risk using predictive churn algorithms
    • Increase pipeline by benchmarking and sharing subscriber data
    • Build a better product by relating feature usage to financial outcomes

    Customer-Only Exclusive Free Trial
    We are exclusively offering free trials of Insights for all webinar attendees! Simply register and attend the webinar for more details on how to get started.



    Matt Darrow, VP and GM of Product at Zuora

    An Ly, Product Marketer at Zuora