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Introducing Zuora Community Chapters

  • 1.  Introducing Zuora Community Chapters

    Posted 07-03-2019 08:55

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    Over the years, Community members have asked to meet other users in their respective locations or roles:

    • Looking for some fellow users in the New England area for collaborations and potential meetups.
    • Anyone in the Minneapolis area interested in getting together and discussing how you use Zuora?
    • Any way you could introduce me to some other Zuora Admins from the Austin area?

    There have also been requests to form groups in Western Canada, Santa Barbara, Denver, DFW, yielding minimal results. As the Zuora Community Manager, Im here to help facilitate Community conversations online, but also understand that nothing trumps offline face-to-face, real-time conversations like those recently had in the Learners Lounge and Unconference at Subscribed San Francisco.


    To help our customers improve their use and experience of Zuora to solve real business problems, Im excited to announce the launch of Zuora Community Chapters that will be led and driven by Zuora users like yourself. To ensure that these groups maintain a high-quality standard, I will personally work with all user group organizers to help them successfully build up their groups.


    Group Requirements

    • Organizers must be members of the Zuora Community
    • Must meet at a regular cadence and at least once per quarter
    • Types:
      • Role-based (Zuora Admin, Developers)
      • Local: meets onsite at a physical location
      • Virtual: meets online via Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.
    • The chapter organizer is responsible for its location, format, topics, etc. with guidance from the Zuora Community Manager

    Application Process

    1. Request to be a Chapter leader by filling out this application form.
    2. Once completed, the Community Manager will email you to arrange a videoconference interview via Zoom.
    3. If your application and video interview are successful, the Community Manager will notify and begin working with you to create your group. If your application is denied, we will let you know.


    Interested in leading a Zuora Community Chapter?

    Please fill out this application form.


    Interested in joining a Zuora Community Chapter? 

    Comment below with a description of the type of group(s) youre looking for.

    Looking forward to working with you!