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How To Submit A Bug Report to Zuora Support

By Zuora Community posted 05-04-2022 15:43


You're working within Zuora and discover a bug. Here's how to submit a case with Zuora Support using the bug report below. An effective bug report makes it easier for Zuora Support / Engineering to identify the issue and fix it.

Zuora Bug Report Fields

Title  A short description of the bug in a few words or a short sentence
Summary A brief summary of the bug in 60 words or below. Make sure your summary reflects what and where the problem is
Description A detailed description of the bug. Use the following fields for the description field:
  • Reproduce steps: Clearly mention the steps to reproduce the bug
  • Expected result: How the application should behave in the above-mentioned steps
  • Actual result: What is the actual result of running the above steps, i.e. the bug behavior
URL The page URL on which the bug occurred
Product In which product did you find this bug?
Version The product version (if any)
Component The major sub-modules of the product
Platform Mention the hardware platform where you found this bug. The various platforms like PC or MAC, etc.
Priority When should the bug be fixed? Priority is generally set from P1 to P5. P1 as fix the bug with the highest priority and P5 as Fix when time permits.
Severity Describe the impact of the bug.  Types of Severity:
  • Blocker: No further testing work can be done
  • Critical: Application crash, Loss of data
  • Major: Major loss of function
  • Minor: Minor loss of function
  • Trivial: Some UI enhancements