New Certifications From Zuora University

By Nidarshana Sharma posted 09-01-2021 03:02


If you’re a Zuora customer, then the first step towards becoming independent and owning your subscription business is getting a Zuora certification. 

Our most popular badge is the Zuora-Certified Administrator

From the time our customers started taking the exam to obtain this badge, there have been hundreds of successful Zuora-certified admins taking over their Zuora tenants. Following the success of this certification, Zuora University also launched the Zuora Billing Analyst and Billing Consultant badges. 

What are the Billing Analyst and Billing Consultant certifications? 

Once you are a Zuora-Certified Admin, then you can start to configure and manage Zuora settings all by yourself. If you would like to progress to the next level of proficiency, then several options are available. For starters, there’s the Billing Analyst certification. 

Billing Analyst Certification

This certification is for anyone who wants to become a Billing Analyst. A Billing Analyst is usually a supporting member of the implementation team and assists with the implementation of the Zuora Billing product. In order to do that, he/she must be aware of recommended best practices, possess the technical skills required to configure Zuora as per a customer’s or his/her company’s needs and be quick to decide on the choices to be made during implementation. 

To be certified, you need to complete the intensive coursework that consists of practice exercises, check-ins with the Zuora Product Education Team, and an extensive examination to test you. Once you are certified, you can also attempt to obtain the Zuora Billing Consultant badge.

Billing Consultant Certification 

If you are a certified Zuora Billing Consultant, then it becomes your responsibility to help Zuora’s customers (or your company) with the implementation of the Zuora Billing product. Much like the Zuora Billing Analyst, the Consultant also needs the technical skills, knowledge of best practices, and the ability to understand the implications of each choice made during the implementation phase. The certification program is similar to the Zuora Billing Analyst and access is available only to Zuora University subscribers. 

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