How Can You Become a Zuora-Certified Admin?

By Nidarshana Sharma posted 08-24-2021 20:33

For new customers, the various features and functionalities of Zuora’s products might seem daunting at first. However, if given the right guidance and support, they will soon find the skills and knowledge necessary to manage Zuora. But, what guidance does someone need to be able to function independently? Let’s take a look:

  • Practical understanding of the basics of the Zuora Billing Platform: how to set up accounts, subscriptions, product catalogs, execute bill runs, and so on.
  • Knowledge of the Zuora billing data model: how is data stored in Zuora
  • Practical know-how of the user roles and security settings in Zuora
  • Understanding of the payment and finance settings in Zuora

Anyone who is well-versed with the above aspects of Zuora Billing can qualify to become a Zuora-Certified Admin. This person can then independently manage their company’s configuration of the Zuora Billing platform.

What is the pathway to becoming a Zuora-Certified Admin?

There are two paths available to a Zuora University user:

Self-paced courses available in the Zuora Billing Administrator Learning Path
Virtual live classes i.e., the Administrator Starter Class and the Administrator Master Class.

Zuora Billing Administrator Learning Path

This learning path is where every new customer starts off. It has very well-designed courses for beginners to Zuora. These cover the basics of Zuora Billing, its settings, and other configurations that can help anyone understand how to operate their configuration of Zuora Billing. Moreover, this learning path is available to anyone for free. After the completion of the courses, the next step is the Zuora-Certified Administrator Exam. It is available to Zuora University subscribers for free and for a fee of $150 to everyone else.

Before you appear for the exam, you may also try the Zuora Billing Product Fundamentals Assessment to get an idea of the kind of questions you can expect in the exam. It also serves as a good mock test for the final one.

Zuora Virtual Live Classes

If you are a Zuora University subscriber, then you can also sign up for the virtual Zuora Administrator Starter Class and Zuora Administrator Master Class. While the Starter Class is a day-long session, the Master Class lasts two days. They are conducted by trainers from the Product Education Team, in different time zones, and cover the same topics that are available in the self-paced courses. You will learn with peers, can ask questions, and get them clarified by the trainer, thereby experiencing a classroom atmosphere.

Preparing for the exam

Attending the virtual classes or finishing off the learning path is the way to prepare for the exam but if you would like additional help, you can sign up for the ‘Exam Prep Call’ where the trainer will discuss important concepts, give you a refresher, and prepare you to attend the certification exam with confidence.

Giving the exam

Once you feel confident, you can take the exam. Book a slot by getting in touch with our team. The exam is online, consists of multiple-choice questions, and is proctored. If you successfully pass the exam, you will receive your Zuora-Certified Administrator badge!

Learn more about the Zuora-Certified Administrator Exam here