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5 Reasons to Take Up Training with Zuora University

By Nidarshana Sharma posted 08-02-2021 02:39


So, your company recently signed up for Zuora and you’re wondering how to start using it. Fret not, we understand that it’s not the easiest platform to operate. Zuora University was launched in the year 2015 to help solve this very problem. Today, there are more than 300 courses available to subscribers of Zuora University. But that’s not just the only reason why you should do these courses. Here are a few more.

1. Your basics get stronger 

If you’re new to Zuora and the Subscription Economy, you may not entirely understand the functionality of our products. Let’s face it: the more capabilities the product offers, the more complex it gets. 

Here’s where training with Zuora University comes to your rescue. With courses split into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, our training paths take you through Zuora basics, enable you to practice what you learn through use cases, and provide specific videos to take you deeper into a single topic. So, you can build a strong foundation before you add to it.  

Explore the Zuora University course catalog here!

2. You get one step closer to being certified 

It’s highly recommended that you attempt the Zuora-Certified Administrator Exam and pass it before you ‘Go Live’. It is so because a Zuora-certified admin can be better equipped to manage all the features and functionalities of Zuora Billing. It is also the first step to acquiring the next set of certifications. Certification also opens a gamut of opportunities within and outside the organization. 

3. You become self-reliant 

As Zuora’s customer base continues to grow, there is a huge demand for support from the Customer Success Teams. There is a need to understand the basics, become certified, and build a Zuora Center of Excellence among other things. By taking up training with Zuora University, your dependence on the support teams reduces and you’re able to troubleshoot all by yourself. That’s a lot of time saved!  

4. You save costs (and more!) 

It’s not just time that you save once you take up training. There is a huge cost of delay that can be avoided too. If you are successfully able to complete the basic courses and take the certification exam, you can start using Zuora Billing. You don’t have to wait around for someone to guide you. You start sooner, you utilize resources better, and you save costs in all.  

5. You build successful teams 

When there is more than one Zuora-certified Admin within your organization, you can work more efficiently because you understand your work’s features and interconnected nature. Collaboration becomes easier and results are better! 

Access our Virtual Live Classes calendar here!