Swiss VAT Rate Change

By Monique Romero posted 02-08-2023 15:23


Are you updating your VAT/tax rates for 2018? 

There'll be a VAT rate change in Switzerland in 2018, which brings up the question of how you should setup your yearly invoices spanning 2017-2018. As a Zuora Support SME for Finance and Revenue, Ive got you covered! I know that this will likely affect several of you so please be sure to attend this session. If you can not make it, we will post this to the community.


We have the answer to help update your tax/VAT rates

In my webinar, I'll go over all of the steps that you'll need to cover to ensure that your invoices will reflect this change. We will have posted steps on how to make the change, but being able to view this screen session will help speed up your process.

I also reserved some time for any Q&A. So if you have any Swiss customers that'll be impacted, this will be something you should look into.


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Please add any additional questions about deferred revenue reports in the comments below so that we can talk about them in the webinar.


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Here are the steps written out to change the tax rate: