Intro to Custom Logic, Powered by Extension Studio

By Lana Lee posted 04-29-2024 13:27


In today’s landscape, complexity makes systems rigid, creating challenges like having logic and orchestration being coded outside of Zuora, increased frustration due to long builders, and inflexible solutions and heavy maintenance inhibiting innovating and modernizing your organization. With Logic Layer, we will enable Admins and Devs to own business decisions and logic directly in Zuora. Learn more.

On April 25th, we were joined by @Ishir Vasavada, Technical Product Manager, Data Management Services and @Karnbir Singh, Senior Product Manager who gave overviews and demonstrations of this new feature.

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About Zuora’s Logic Layer

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Zuora's Logic Layer

Figure 1: Zuora’s Logic Layer

Craft Logic Using the Best Notation for the Situation

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  • JavaScript Function - Powerful for in-place and intricate logic that is executed during a Billing API call  
  • Decision Tree - For nesting logic and simplified point and click if-else building
  • Decision Table - A tabular definition of a series of conditional statements represented as a truth table
  • Rule Chain - Define a sequence of Decision Tables and Trees for chaining your logic


Custom Functions using JavaScript

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Functions empower users with more granular in-place extensibility for expressing business requirements spanning from logic-based charge insertions to pattern-matching field validations. They include custom data Validations and field calculations (Formula).

Custom Function Zuora

 Figure 2: Adding a New Function in Zuora


Demo - Custom Functions

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Extend with Rules Engine Like Never Before

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With Rules Engine, you’ll be able to apply complex subscription billing logic. Traditionally written in pure code and hosted on external services, it can now be built via a simplified click interface inside Zuora. Additionally, you’ll be able to have citizen developer experiences, allowing functional owners to help design and build self-service. 

Extend with Zuora Rules Engine

Figure 3: Zuora Rules Engine


Demo - Extension Studio

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Intro to Custom Logic, Powered by Extension Studio

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