Zuora OneID Office Hours: Q&A and 2-Step Migration - March 2024

By Lana Lee posted 03-15-2024 10:44


As part of our ongoing support of our upcoming legacy login deprecation, we are holding monthly OneID office hours with Principal Product Manager, Bharath Marimuthu who was on-hand to answer questions.

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2-Step Migration to OneID

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Migrating to OneID is a 2-step process where you can continue using your tenant with OneID login in just a few minutes:

  1. Importing user roles - from Billing or Revenue - from your Zuora tenant
  2. Importing user accounts into OneID. 

OneID migration grace periods:

  • Billing migration - Billing tenants are accessible with your local credentials for 90 days.
  • Revenue migration - Revenue tenants are only accessible with OneID - there is no grace period.

Optional features include integrating with SSO and SCIM as well as setting up user groups which takes some additional configuration. See the following for more information:

OneID - An Open Security Platform

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Zuora OneID

OneID is an open platform which means that one can perform any integration related to user management, verification, and identity. Our customer base is segmented into 3 types:

  1. Manage user identity and access management from OneID
    • Solely dependent on OneID where user identity and access management is completely controlled by OneID’s UI.
  2. Manage User Identity from your IdP
    • OneID is used to manage user access - tenant access, user roles.
    • User identification is managed by your IdP (e.g. Okta, Azure, Google, etc.)
  3. Automated User Provisioning - Manage User Identity from your IdP and Manage user access from your IAM system (advanced user management)
    • Your IdP is used for verification into the Zuora system and have another platform for you access management (ServiceNow, SailPoint, etc.) where, via a workflow in an outside system, users request access where they need approval to gain access to Zuora.

DEMO: Migrating to OneID

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Zuora OneID Office Hours Legacy Login Deprecation - 031224

Q&A in Zuora Administrator's Group Discussions

Continue Your OneID Journey with Others

Exploring new Zuora features collaboratively with the guidance of a product manager is ideal which is why we’re starting OneID conversations in the Zuora Administrators community group. There you can ask questions and get answers from like-minded users and Zuora experts who’ve “been there and done that” so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and also have discussions that are admin-specific. Hope to see you there!



03-25-2024 11:49

You can Bulk import your existing users from your Zuora tenants to OneID with the user import UI in OneID. Please refer to this knowledge Center article for more details.

For bulk creating users in OneID, you can call our user management APIs for creating users in Bulk. Please refer to this API documentation for creating and managing users in OneID.

Also for managing users in Bulk or creating users in bulk with the access rights, it's recommended to manage the users with user groups in OneID. These user groups are similar to security groups or AD groups in most of the Identity providers. Please refer here for more details about user Groups.

To summarise, you can create users in bulk along with their access permissions, call our /Users and /Groups API in OneID

03-25-2024 11:30

I've got 200 (approx.) users in the system already and would also like to add 250 more. As per my understanding, OneId can import all the existing users to OneId portal, but is there any provision that an admin can bulk create users using the Oneid import feature?

i.e. Create an excel file with right level of access at different platform level (like platform, billing, reporting, etc.)