Period Close Template and Foreign Exchange Management in Zuora Revenue

By Lana Lee posted 01-03-2024 15:38


When it comes to foreign exchange management in Zuora Revenue, there’s a lot of ground to cover which is why we had two sessions - one in September and another in November 2023 - to ensure that we devoted our time to each topic.  If you missed our September Foreign Exchange Management session where we talked about sales orders, invoices and credit memos, you can review it here.

For our November workshop, Sr. Director of Product Management in Revenue Nikki Wong shared a tool tip on Zuora Revenue's Period Close Template which is where your close process is going through. This template is self-configurable and there are other programs or you can enter your manual task.  Additionally, the sequence of tasks can be changed.  In sum, the period close template becomes a checklist for the operation team to actually run through when they're closing the books.

Zuora Revenue: Period Close Template

Use Task Type to Generate a Team Checklist

One can go into the setup areas where it allows you to do program style, reporting style, or manual style task type. Then run through the list for the team, so that everybody knows where everybody’s setups are since it's shared with your team. Learn more about period-close activities here.

Use Task Type to Generate a Team Checklist

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Period Close Template in Zuora Revenue

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