Zuora In Action: OneID User Groups and Demo

By Lana Lee posted 12-08-2023 11:14


On December 6th, the Zuora Community hosted a product demo session with Bharath Marimuthu, Principal Product Manager where he provided a brief overview of OneID before diving into his demonstration

View the presentation here

OneID User Groups

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User groups in Zuora are a foundational element in access management, offering efficiency, consistency, and scalability:

  • Supports Segregation of Duties
  • Enhanced Security
  • Streamlined Deprovisioning 
  • Facilitates Auditing and Compliance
  • Consistent Permissions
  • Ease of Updates
  • Simplified Access Control
  • Scalability
  • Efficient Role Assignment 
  • Flexibility in Access Management Policies

Example User Groups Based On Job Functions

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  • Billing Manager / Billing operations specialist
  • Subscription Manager 
  • Revenue Operations Manager
  • Billing Analyst
  • Subscription Analyst 
  • Revenue Analyst 
  • Subscription Specialist
  • Revenue Assurance Specialist
  • Billing System Administrator
  • Subscription Experience Manager 
  • Director of Revenue Operations 

Zuora OneID Onboarding Journey

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OneID comes with no cost and all that’s needed is to onboard onto OneID.

Step 1: OneID Onboarding phase

  1. Reach out to our Support team to get onboarded to OneID
  2. Activate your OneID account and Initial Org account Setup
    • SSO configuration, SCIM provisioning, Admin account creation 
  3. Setup user groups in OneID (User Profiles)

Step 2: UAT Testing

  • Migrate your SBX users to OneID

Step 3: Go Live - Migrate all users to OneID 

  • Migrate all your users across Prod and other tenants to OneID

What’s On the OneID Roadmap

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Enhanced Global Role & Permission Management
Create, Copy/clone roles in OneID and configure permissions seamlessly for your global roles and use it across all of your Zuora applications.

OAuth Client Credentials for Billing and Revenue APIs
Accessing Zuora APIs will be made more secure with the OAuth clients in OneID. Create client credentials for one or more of your Zuora applications. No more API user accounts and managing Zuora APIs with basic authentication.

Service Provider Initiated SSO
Login to Zuora with the SSO login option from the OneID login page directly. No more saving the login URLs or searching the Zuora apps in your IdP portal.

Zuora in Action: OneID Demonstration

The following demonstration is split into two parts: access and user management. Both are similar and the difference is in the aspects of authorization and authentication.

Full video below - Jump to the demonstration

OneID Office Hours - User Groups and Demo

Continue Your OneID Journey with Others

Exploring new Zuora features collaboratively with the guidance of a product manager is ideal which is why we’re starting OneID conversations in the Zuora Admins community group. There you can ask questions and get answers from like-minded users and Zuora experts who’ve “been there and done that” so that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel and also have discussions that are admin-specific. We hope to see you there!