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Best Practice Checklist: Community Engagement Basics

By Lana Lee posted 10-27-2023 12:52


Strengthen your Zuora foundation with best practices from the Community, Knowledge Center, and Self Service Solutions so that you can confidently use Zuora. This checklist focuses on Zuora Community Engagement Basics starting with navigating community groups to adjusting your email subscriptions and following contributions of other members.

Engage With the Others Without Writing a Single Post

Community Groups are where product conversations happen and you can still be a part of it just by reading content and clicking links. From the homepage, there are different paths you can follow to get started.

Read a discussion post or blog article

    1. Explore community groups to find one that interests you. 
    2. Browse to the discussions or blog posts
    3. Find content of interest to read

“Like” a post to show your support and highlight its value to other Community members

    • On the above post (or another one) click on “like”.

View a library entry

    • Using the group’s tabs, go to the Library to browse through its contents and select one that looks helpful

Follow a post or library entry which sends an email notification when updated

    • Discussions and Libraries: The “follow” toggle is at the top of the post.
    • Blogs: The “follow” toggle is located at the bottom of blog article. (white = off)
      • Try this: Follow the Subprocessor List in Community News for the latest subprocessor additions from Zuora Compliance.
Follow a Community Post

Add a New Contact to see contributions from the following section in your profile

    • Once added, you’ll be able to see a newsfeed of everyone you’ve followed. 
      • Try this: Add me as a contact by going to my profile and selecting “Add as Contact”. There are also other options when you select the “...” menu. I also recommend following the Zuora Community which posts important product and company updates.
Add a Community Contact

□ Review your email subscriptions to receive emails in real-time, daily digest, consolidated (weekly) digest, or not at all. You can also select different email notification frequencies for each group you’ve joined.

Take the Next Step: Become a Community Insider

The Community Insiders group is where we share updates about the community platform and announce new programs that will help you learn Zuora better. It’s also a place where you can let us know what’s helpful and not helpful about the community and to also give input on who you’d like to talk to at our future Community Table Talks. Hope to see you there!

Community Engagement Basics