OneID: Your Key to Secure Identities & Streamlined Controls

By Lana Lee posted 10-25-2023 12:04


Zuora OneID, hosted on, is a centralized User Identity and Access Management service that helps you manage user access and provisioning across Zuora tenants in your organization. You can use Zuora OneID as a single entry point to access different Zuora tenants with one click.

On October 24th, Senior Product Manager @Bharath Marimuthu joined us at our Community Table Talk where he gave an introduction to OneID as well as the following:

  • Onboarding Process
  • Identity Federation
  • User Groups
  • OneID with Revenue
  • OneID Roadmap

Learn more from the presentation and video below.

Introduction to OneID | Watch Video

Zuora OneID is an Enterprise Identity Access Management platform that is custom-built for Zuora applications and is a one-stop solution to manage all of your employee’s identities and the actions that they can perform on Zuora. It will save time from operations and administration overhead and also adheres to security and legal compliance.

Advantages include:

  • API Security
  • Compliance And Reporting
  • Delegated Administration
  • Federation From Anywhere
  • Identity Verification
  • Organization And Role Management
  • Password Policies
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Scalability and High Availability
  • Secure Offboarding
  • Security And Fraud Prevention
  • User Profiles And Segmentation
  • User Provisioning And De-Provisioning
  • User Registration And Onboarding

The Onboarding Journey | Watch Video

OneID comes with no cost and all that’s needed is to onboard onto OneID.

Step 1: OneID Onboarding phase

  1. Reach out to our Support team to get onboarded to OneID
  2. Activate your OneID account and Initial Org account Setup
    • SSO configuration, SCIM provisioning, Admin account creation 
  3. Setup user groups in OneID (User Profiles)

Step 2: UAT Testing

  • Migrate your SBX users to OneID

Step 3: Go Live - Migrate all users to OneID 

  • Migrate all your users across Prod and other tenants to OneID

Identity Federation with Zuora OneID | Watch Video

The diagram below demonstrates how identity federation works with OneID which is a single sign-on for Zuora applications and it supports most major SSO providers,

Identity Federation OneID

User Groups in OneID | Watch Video

User Groups Zuora OneID

User groups is a feature that is only available in OneID and is a one-time setup that adds a new layer of convenience for Zuora admins including:

Fine-Grained Access Control
You can assign specific permissions and access policies to users based on their membership in Security Groups. This allows for more granular control over who can access what within your organization.

Dynamic Membership
Security Groups can be based on attributes like user role, location, or other custom attributes. This allows you to create groups that automatically update their membership as user attributes change, reducing the administrative overhead.

Ease of Management
Security Groups can be easily created, modified, and deleted within the OneID Admin Console, making it simple to manage access for Zuora applications and resources.

Zuora OneID for Revenue | Watch Video

OneID is available also for Revenue (standalone) including the following features for no additional cost. All that is required is to be onboarded into OneID.

  • Close Process Dashboard
  • Revenue Data Management
  • Manual Journal Entries 
  • AI based - In App Support 
  • In-App feedback 
  • Zuora Revenue Connectors
  • System Health & Telemetry for Revenue

OneID Roadmap | Watch Video

We’re excited to share what we are currently working on to improve OneID including:

Enhanced Global Role & Permission Management
Create, Copy/clone roles in OneID and configure permissions seamlessly for your global roles and use it across all of your Zuora applications.

OAuth Client Credentials for Billing and Revenue APIs
Accessing Zuora APIs will be made more secure with the OAuth clients in OneID. Create client credentials for one or more of your Zuora applications. No more API user accounts and managing Zuora APIs with basic authentication.

Service Provider Initiated SSO
Login to Zuora with the SSO login option from the OneID login page directly. No more saving the login URLs or searching the Zuora apps in your IdP portal.

Learn More - Full Video and Presentation

OneID: Your Key to Secure Identities & Streamlined Controls

Community Group for Zuora Administrators

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