What’s New in the 37.015.00 Zuora Revenue Release

By Lana Lee posted 10-18-2023 11:22


We’re excited to share with you what’s new in our latest Zuora Revenue Release including

Best Practice Tool Tip: Post Summarize Data

Before diving into the enhancements, Senior Product Managers Vivek Ganesan and Ramesh Mettupalayam Sadasivamoorthy shared a Revenue best practice tool tip on Current Period Post Summarize Data. One would normally see this particular job in your period close template and it may also be a part of your operation process.

The post summarization data job is a prerequisite for the following:

  • “Trial Balance” report 
  • Disclosure aggregates defined 

Stop running this job, when the above is not applicable.

Historically, this job was added as part of our initial configuration, but if you’re not running either of the above, it can be turned off. 


Revenue Best Practice Tool Tip: Post Summarize Data

Restyling of Profile Menu in Zuora Revenue

We made changes to the profile menu where your profile information has moved from the top navigation bar to the drop down menu (see images below). Learn More

Restyling of Profile Menu in Zuora Revenue

Revenue UX Enhancements

Schedule Jobs Submission - Learn More

    • Search & Select
    • Removed the RevPro3.0 Prefix
  • Sorted in Alphabetical Order
Revenue UX Enhancements

Revenue Sync Page Filters - Learn More

If you’re a customer using Zuora Billing and Revenue or if you’re using our Revenue sync integration, from the sync page you would previously have to select the parameter from a drop-down that had a long list of values. With the enhancement, we’ve added a 2-tier picklist to better view and select parameters.

Revenue Sync Page Filters

Reporting - Summarization Job - Phase Out

With this release, we will be phasing out the summarization job as it has been running in a real-time mode from 2022. The added value will be faster period close as summarization is done in real time and the automation of system processes. You are still required to run this job, if Summarization is not enabled in Real Time Mode. 

An exception is that Zuora demo & support teams will have access to the above summarization jobs. Learn more

The new behavior for the summarization job will be as follows:

  • The ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job is being phased out
  • The ‘One-Time Summarization’ job is being deprecated
  • With ‘Real Time Summarization’ enabled in a tenant, the job will end in ‘Warning’ with a message that ‘Summarization is enabled to run in Real-Time & it is not required to run this job’

Our recommendations are to 

  • Stop running the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job (Single Org/ Multi Org) 
  • Remove this job from your Period Close Template Configuration
    • Go to Navigation : Policies > Period Open/Close Template

New Data Query With Cross Joins

Previously under “Reporting” there was a Data Query utility which many users may or may not have used. We’ve now introduced a new Data Query UI, providing more capabilities. 

Learn More | Watch Demo

New Data Query With Cross Joins

Here are some highlights from the 37.015.00 release:

  • Applicability - ALL Revenue Customers (Standalone & OTR)
  • Prerequisite - Revenue Tenant is Unified Authentication Enabled
  • Enable using Profile - ‘ENABLE_DATAQUERY_SERVICE’
  • Navigation - Reports > Data Query

New Data Query With Cross Joins

For a list of Revenue objects that can be queried, see Revenue Objects.

Key Capabilities

  • 19 Revenue Objects
  • Labels are self explanatory, no more indicators
  • Query across Billing & Revenue Objects (Cross Join)
  • Support for APIs
  • Limit access to core tables
  • SQL Syntax validation
  • Background mode execution
  • Access query output from History
  • Record output - Up to 100,000
  • Query Execution Cut off - 2 Min

Reporting - FAQs

  • Is the Old Data Query going to be deprecated?
      1. Yes, it is planned for deprecation in 2024. Expect further communication in upcoming releases
  • What if the data I need is missing in new Revenue Objects?
      1. Raise a request and we will evaluate and expand the list of Revenue objects
  • How to access Billing Objects from the DQ UI in Zuora Revenue?
      1. Use prefix of ‘live.’; E.g. ‘select * from live.account’ 
  • If real time summarization is not enabled, can we execute the Summarization job?
      1. Yes and you need to execute the summarization job as Realtime mode is not enabled
  • With Real Time summarization enabled, should we still run Period Close & Period Open Summarization jobs?
    1. No, you don’t need to run these jobs manually, if you are performing your period close from Close Process Dashboard. The CPD close will auto-trigger the period close and open summary jobs.
    2. Yes, if you are not using CPD and performing your period close manually.

Watch the Entire Session | Review Presentation

What’s New in the 37.015.00 Zuora Revenue Release

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