UI Actions, Approval Tasks Through Email and Collaboration Tools, and the New Approval UI

By Lana Lee posted 10-02-2023 14:19


At our September Workflow workshop, @Karnbir Singh Product Manager of Platform and Workflow shared the latest developments including a new workflow type called UI Action which allows non-admin users to run workflows within Zuora Billing and enhanced approval capabilities like Zuora Inbox and other delivery methods as well as single-action links. 

If you missed the session, check out the presentation here and videos below which includes a demonstration.


New Workflow Type: UI Action

UI Action is a new feature that is a native crossover from Workflow to Zuora Billing, allowing Workflow admins to easily install a button allowing Billing users to trigger a workflow process within a Zuora Billing page without additional admin access.

3 Key features for UI Action:

  • Button can be installed on a specific page in Zuora Billing
  • Ability to label button(s) 
  • One-click setup where button will automatically be installed on the selected page
UI Actions

Approval Task Updates

Enhanced approval capabilities including new delivery methods listed below with more to come:

    • Zuora Inbox - allows any user to manage approvals in one dedicated UI interface as opposed to several different locations in the Workflow app.
    • Email - allows a managing approval trigger requests directly via email
    • Slack and WebEx - sends approval requests via the collaboration tools
    • Http Delivery - allows call-out to a system through single-action links

Approval Task Updates

Videos - Feature Overview and Demo

OVERVIEW: UI Actions and Approvals in Zuora Workflow

Overview: UI Actions and Approvals in Zuora Workflow

DEMO: Approval Tasks Through Email and Collaboration Tools and the New Approval UI in Zuora Workflow

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11-08-2023 06:57

Will you be able to provide some example implementations for Slack? Curious to learn more about how to use it and what needs to be considered in the Slack setup to make it work with Zuora manual approvals.



10-05-2023 07:11

Hello Remco,

Very exciting that these features address needed functionality and will be helpful to your team!

Button configurability is top-of-mind for us and we are exploring many options to give our users the ability to align their business needs with our page layouts in general. Thank you so much for your feedback! We will definitely include your input in our prioritization process and try to ensure we can meet your use cases.


Karn Singh

10-03-2023 12:51

Thanks for the feedback, @Remco van Leeuwen!  Tagging @Karnbir Singh for more visibility.

10-03-2023 06:46

I really like these additions, specially since we have recently found that we actually need such functionality as well. So I'm looking forward to when this becomes available to us.

One question though about the UI action workflow. I see the buttons that are added to a screen are basically listed under a dropdown button in which you first have to select a button before you can actually click it. Wouldn't it be more user-friendly and in line with the rest of the screen to add these buttons to the list of options you get under the 'More' button? Or maybe allow a maximum number of buttons to be shown directly as separate buttons and then the rest be hidden behind the 'More' button?

I would love to get your thoughts about this.