Revenue Feature Updates for CA/CL and LT/ST Reclass and the Automated Revenue Release Check

By Lana Lee posted 09-25-2023 12:10


Last month, we shared What's New in the Zuora Revenue Release and we wanted to share some additional updates since then. Continue reading or watch the video

CA/CL Reclass and Long Term and Short Term Reclass

Because automated CA/CL reclass and LT/ST reclass MJE creation is not enabled on production environments as part of the release, Zuora will enable this feature as per the below plan:

  • If your quarter ends in September, this feature will be enabled in your production environment by mid of October 2023.
  • If your quarter ends in October, this feature will be enabled in your production environment by mid of November 2023.


DAYS 1-30 (System Automated - Daily Incremental Mode)

AT CLOSE (Manual by User) 


Netting Compute & Accounting Schedule Creation

User will run the Netting Job. This will do a catch up for any applicable RCs 


Netting Compute

User will run the Netting Job & create MJE for Netting


LT ST Compute

User will trigger LTST batch from UI & create MJE 

 - No Change to ‘Month End’ process. The jobs will finish faster as they run on Incremental mode 

Automated Revenue Health Checks

After an RC is processed, unintended changes can corrupt the original data. Until now, these details were found by health checks and were run as individual queries. With this change, a new process will automatically identify real-time errors when an RC is processed. 

You can view these errors in the Close Process dashboard in the Data Validation tab as Health Check Exceptions. You can then take necessary actions like reviewing the impacted RCs directly through the CPD and file support tickets.

Automated Revenue Health Checks

As of 37.013.00, Health Checks Including:

Revenue Release - Rec Amount not matching with released amount for partially released lines

Revenue Release - Rec Amount not matching with released amount for Fully released lines

Revenue Release -Both Billed and Unbilled amount exist in an order line

Revenue Release - $0 line released more than 100%

Rec amount not matching with Allocatable

Billed amount on the order line is not matching with invoiced amount 

Allocation Release - Allocation reversal not netting to 0 for Retro RC

Allocation Release - Cum Carve Amount released is not equal to the sum of allocation revenue entries

Allocation Release - The allocation initial entry amount is not matching with the allocation scheduled revenue for 100% Release

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Revenue Feature Updates and Automated Revenue Release Check

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