What's New in the Zuora Revenue Release

By Lana Lee posted 08-23-2023 14:45


On August 17th, Vivek Ganesan, Senior Product Manager of Revenue gave an overview of what’s new in the for Zuora Revenue. The session began with a tool tip on the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job that is planned to be phased out in Q4 2023. 

What this means is that with ‘Real Time Summarization’ enabled, the summarization job is not required to be run. Additionally, this job may also be part of your Period Close Template.

We recommend the following:

  • Stop running the ‘Reporting Summarize Current Period’ job 
  • Remove this job from your Period Close Template Configuration
    • Navigation : Policies > Period Open/Close Template Revenue Release Overview

Watch the video and review the presentation here

Report - Scheduling

  • Start date is now available as part of the Scheduling UI
  • Specify any future start date with time

Close Process Dashboard Enhancements

  • Close Timeline Trend
    • Days to Actual Close
    • Days to final Accounting Transfer
    • Days to close for last 12 periods
  • Holds Detail UI
    • Hold Level - ‘ALL’ option has been added
    • Reporting Currency 
    • Net Sell Price
    • Def Amount (Unreleased Revenue) - This is the Revenue on Hold
    • Rec Amount (Released Revenue)
    • Header Level
    • Row Level

Transfer Accounting Enhancements



Before 37.014

After 37.014

Currency Rounding

Not supported for Amount in Functional/ Reporting Currency- Custom logic needed in outbound GL mapping

Supported out of the box. Based on Currency definition

Timing of Status Change

Status moves to ‘Ready to transfer’ while the outbound file generation is in progress

Status moves to   ‘Ready to Transfer’ after the outbound file generation is complete

Download Outbound File

Not available

Download GL outbound File from Transfer Accounting UI

Regenerate outbound GL File

Not available

Available from Transfer Accounting UI

Status Change

Not available

Manual Status Change from ‘Transferred’ to ‘Ready to Transfer’


Transfer Accounting - Enhancements (Download)
  • Profile - Web Service Enabled - Yes
  • Applicable for ‘Ready to Transfer’ & ‘Transferred’ status
  • The GL outbound file will be downloaded in a CSV file

Currency Rounding

  • Applicability - Accounting debits and credits are transferred in Functional / Reporting currency
  • Configs (Rounding Adjustment)
    • Account Type - Fx Gain/ Loss (Recommended to set this to a constant Account)
    • Currency - Precision
  • Logic 
    • For each Schedule (T Currency * Func Fx Rate) & Round to the nearest decimal precision
  • Rounding Adjustment (To be enabled via Profile - Existing Feature)
    • Any gain/ loss on currency rounding will be posted to the Fx Gain / Loss Account in the GL interface stage
  • This entry WILL NOT BE visible in the Revenue Schedules & in the Accounting reports

Timing of Status Change & Manual Status Update


New > Update in Progress > Updated > Transfer In Progress > Ready to Transfer > Transferred

Timing of Status Change & Manual Status Update

File Regenerate

File Regenerate
Regenerate Out File
  • Applicable for 

    • status of ‘Ready to Transfer’/ 'S3 FILE UPLOAD ERROR'

    • Profile ‘Web Service enabled - Yes’

  • Two modes of File Regeneration

  • GL Outbound Integration Flow - 

    • Data present in GL interface stage, but issue with file content (Option 1)

    • Content missing in the outbound file & table. E.g. Empty fields or missing Segment values (Option 2)

CA CL Netting & LTST Reclass

Before 37.014

After 37.014


During the period - No action

Month End - Manual Month end Process triggered by user via Job to process Netting & LTST for the entire period

During the period - System automated run of Netting & LTST on an Incremental basis

Month End - User will run the job at month end to just catch up for any incremental changes on the last day of close. 

This will speed up the Period Close Timeline

LTST - MJE Creation

Manual at month end - User to perform 3 steps for each company code

Manual at Month end - With a 1-click process to cover all steps across multiple companies

Netting & LTST Reclass

    Feature Toggle Flag - The automation will run if the feature is ENABLED

    • Netting Enabled - Yes (Profile)

      Netting Enabled - Yes (Profile)


    • LTST Toggle - Yes (Revenue Book UI)

      LTST Toggle - Yes (Revenue Book UI)

    NOTE- Turn off the feature if you do not perform Netting / LTST in Zuora Revenue. If you are unable to edit the ‘LTST Enabled’ toggle in the book definition, please reach out to Zuora Support

    Netting - What is eligible for Netting

    • Contract Liability and Adjustment Liability - Controlled by ‘Include in Netting’ toggle in Account type configuration 
    • VC Types - Controlled by ‘Include in Netting’ toggle in VC type configuration
    • SFC - Controlled by ‘Include in Netting’ in Finance Setup
      • Account Type under Balance sheet Account
    • What Qualifies for Netting
      • Any RC that has been summarized by Real time summarization
      • Real Time Summarization is a prerequisite. 

    CA CL Netting & LTST Reclass


    DAYS 1-30 (System Automated)

    AT CLOSE (Manual by User)


    Netting Compute & 

    Accounting Schedule Creation

    User will run the Netting Job. This will do a catch up for any applicable RCs 


    Netting Compute

    User will run the Netting Job & create MJE for Netting


    LT ST Compute

    User will trigger LTST batch from UI & create MJE 


    • Period Close & automation
    • Any changes to User procedures at month end
    • GL Posting daily/ weekly & incremental netting entries
    • Reports


    Netting & LTST Reclass - FAQ

    1. What is the frequency of Automated Netting & LTST run ?

      • Once a day (PST off peak hours)

    1. What is the impact to month end user steps of Netting and LTST?

      • They will continue to be the same. User will run the same jobs and steps. The execution will be faster as it now runs in incremental mode

    1. Is there a way to run Netting for the entire period?

      • Yes. Run with the parameter ‘Include all RCs’ as Yes

    2. Netting Line level- what if I do transfer accounting on a daily / weekly basis?

      • The old netting schedules will be reversed and new schedules will be created for the new amount

    3. At period close & open, will the automation still run?

      • No, the automation is incompatible with Period close and open summarization

      • The automation will run only when the period status is in ‘Open’

    1. Is there a way to run Netting for the entire period?

      • Yes

    What is the impact to Reports during the period, prior to close?


    RC RollForward Report

    Netting / LTST Report

    Netting - Line Level

    Prior to period end, 

    • Netting Columns will reflect numbers based on previous day

    • Non-netting columns will reflect balances in near real time.

    • If required, run the Netting job once for reports to reflect the most up to date netting amounts 

    Prior to period end,

    Will display output based on the last automation execution

    Netting - Application Level

    Prior to period end, no Impact

    LT ST Reclass

    Prior to period end, no Impact

    LTST Reclass - 1 Click Automation

    LTST Reclass - 1 Click Automation

    • Execute LTST batches across multiple ORGs & Company Codes in a single run
    • Option to complete all three steps of LTST Reclass in a single run
      • Compute LTST 
      • MJE Creation 
      • MJE Approval


    What's New in the Zuora Revenue Release (August 2023)


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