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Best Practice Checklist: Zuora Community Basics

By Lana Lee posted 07-26-2023 11:10


Strengthen your Zuora foundation with best practices from the Community, Knowledge Center, and Self Service Solutions so that you can confidently use Zuora.  This checklist focuses on Zuora Community Basics starting with your profile to subscribing to essential groups that keep you posted about product releases and maintenance.  

Make the Most of Your Community Profile

Often overlooked, completing the community profile opens up a world of opportunities to network with others, find events catered to your role and product interests, and discover collaborative opportunities with Zuora.

Upload Profile Picture

Add Your Bio

Select Your Professional Demographics for networking opportunities


Subscribing to News & Notifications

When subscribed to community groups, you receive an email notification about important company and product information, and updates on releases and maintenance.

Subscribe to News & Notifications


Become a Community Insider

Get the inside scoop on all things related to the Zuora Community - from our latest projects to new community programs - that will help you and your organization be successful in our Community Insiders group. This is a space where you can ask questions related to the community platform and share your ideas with me to make the community better for you and other Zuora users.

Join the Community Insiders Group

Earn Community Badges

By going through this checklist, you should be able to earn at least 8 different community badges which you can view from your list of achievements, and don’t let this keep you from earning even more badges.  Looking forward to seeing you in the Community!

Zuora Community Checklist - Community Basics