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Make the Most of Your Zuora Community Profile

By Lana Lee posted 07-25-2023 16:11


Often overlooked or taken for granted, completing your community profile opens up a world of opportunities to network with others, find events catered to your role and product interests, and discover collaborative opportunities with Zuora.

Parts of a Community Profile

  • Bio and Profile Picture
  • Connections
  • Contributions
  • Account Settings
  • Inbox

Build Out Your Community Profile

Stand out from the crowd with your profile. Include as much information to your bio as possible especially your product Interest(s), industry, certifications, and your Zuora role.  While optional, the above information will help others find you - and vice versa - in the Directory.  This information also displays on your profile where people can endorse your skills as you engage with other community members.

Your Connections

This part of your profile sums up your contacts, community groups you've joined, your network, and a feed of everyone that you're following.

  • Tool tip: When you follow other users, what happens is that you see all of their contributions from your follow section under your profile Connections. Great people to follow would be members who
    • share best practices
    • post informative updates (e.g. product managers)
    • are especially helpful in the community by answering other people’s questions

Your Contributions

This is the space to go to when you want to see all of your past posts and access your drafts. You can also see a breakdown of your contributions as well as how many Community badges you've earned.

Your Account Settings

Update privacy settings, email preferences, group email notifications, and your discussion signature here.  There are a limited number of variables that you can include in your discussion signature and while you can't include an image or hyperlink in your discussion, a useful trick is that when you reply to a post via email, it will include your email signature (including images and hyperlinks).

Your Inbox

Your private inbox stores all of the messages you've received from other members, as well as the notifications you've received from various system-generated prompts, like when another user has commented on one of your uploaded files or blog articles, someone has replied to one of your Discussion posts, etc.

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Make the Most of Your Zuora Community Profile

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