3 Must-Use Tools to Enhance Your Zuora Workflows

By Lana Lee posted 05-19-2023 13:21


At our May 18th Workflow Workshop, Product Manager of Platform and Workflow @Karnbir Singh  discussed 3 tools to make managing global constants in Workflow easier and save you a lot of time:

1. Export and Import Global Constants via CSV

Rather than copying and pasting global constants, Workflow now has the ability to export a CSV of your global constants from one system and import them to another. 


To leverage bulk transfer:

  1. Select one or many global constants in one environment and export a CSV 

  2. Optionally import a csv with key, value headers.  

  3. Easily manage duplicate keys to ensure no data is unintentionally corrupted.

Export and Import Global Constants via CSV

2. Create Workflows with the JavaScript Task

Write JavaScript code in place of Liquid to build data augmentation and processing logic and read and write values from and to the Data Payload.  Similar to the Liquid tester, there is a built-on Javascript tester for rapid coding.

Create Workflows with the JavaScript Task

3. New Query Task with a No-Code Condition Builder

We are launching a new query task which enhances the ability to build real-time and batch workflows using a query task that 

  • covers every object in Zuora

  • allows object linking 

  • has a point-and-click condition builder – no need to learn any query language!  

  • has the ability to select fields from multiple objects

  • has scalable synchronous fetches 

  • is available in near-real time mode and batch mode

New Query Task with a No-Code Condition Builder

To learn more about the above tools, check out the video and presentation below

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