Consumption Revenue

By Lana Lee posted 04-17-2023 10:34


In the past few years, the consumption pricing and packaging model have become increasingly popular among different businesses. While providing flexibility and have been adopting pricing and packaging consumption models which have an effect on the back-end office like finance and accounting and other operations. With limited marketplace options for consumption revenue, we’re excited to share how Zuora Revenue automates revenue recognition for the best consumption models.

On March 6th, 2023 we held a Zuora Revenue Table Talk on Consumption with @Mike Chu, Senior Product Manager, @Wing Li Senior Solution Architect and @Nikki Wong, Senior Director of Product Management.

We discussed:

  • With vs. without consumption revenue
  • Common Use Cases
  • Pre-Defined Performance Obligation Templates
  • Managing Usage Transactions (Stand-Alone Zuora Revenue)
  • Consumption History & Usage History
  • Managing Usage Transactions (Zuora Billing & Zuora Revenue)
  • Delivered Reports
  • Multi-Product Accounting Walkthrough

Learn More

Revenue Best Practice Workshop - Consumption (04/2023)


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