Accounting Periods and Payment Reconciliation with Payment Gateways

By Lana Lee posted 03-21-2023 10:50


On March 15, Enterprise Services Manager @Monique Romero  hosted a Finance Workshop for Billing customers on Payment Reconciliation with Payment Gateways.

The session began with a Zuora Best Practice Tool Tip on Accounting Periods which should be created in Zuora and aligned to your GL accounting periods before transacting, so that your JE’s can be created and exported out of the correct period. Please note that to continue with the Payment Gateway Reconciliation, you will need to have your accounting periods created.

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If you missed the workshop, please refer to the presentation below that has more information for each step.  View Presentation

Accounting Periods and Payment Reconciliation with Payment Gateways

Following the tool tip, Monique dove into how to reconcile Zuora payment with payment gateways with the following steps:

  1. Make sure your accounting periods are created ( create them if they are not)
  2. Finance Settings: Configure Segments
  3. Check with your Gateway to receive the Payment number
  4. Click into the Open Accounting Period to run the trial balance
  5. Download the Gateway Report
  6. Vlookup against Reports

Introducing the Finance Work Group

We know that there’s a lot to absorb at our best practice workshops so we decided to create work groups for all workshop attendees to review past workshops and work through best practices with each other with the guidance of the Zuora expert. Become a work group member by attending a workshop! Monthly sessions are announced in Community News. Follow these steps to sign up and select the frequency you’d like to receive emails.