Application Lifecycle Management - Optimizing Testing and Deployment

By Lana Lee posted 01-24-2023 10:40


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is important. It helps organizations manage the process of developing, deploying, and maintaining software applications. Having a clear process and strategy will help you increase the quality of your deliverables as it makes sure that all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the entire lifecycle of the application.

ALM ensures that the application is delivered on time, within budget, and with the desired quality. Additionally, it helps identify and address potential issues early on, which can help to minimize the impact of those issues on the project.

In this Table Talk, Technical Sales Specialist @Cor Slegers provides an overview of Zuora tools available to you as well as how to use these tools to test, deploy, and manage Zuora with ease:

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Application Lifecycle Management - Optimizing Testing and Deployment

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