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From Insights to Actions: Zuora’s System Health Dashboard

By Lana Lee posted 11-15-2022 13:20


On November 15th, we were joined by Zuora product speakers @Cor Slegers, @Aparna Unnithan, and @Kenta Tomura where they demonstrated Zuora’s system health dashboards including:

  1. APIs Dashboard
  2. Bill Run Dashboard
  3. Payments Dashboard
  4. Workflow Dashboard
  5. HPM Dashboard - presentation only
  6. Other dashboards like Data Query, Notifications, Presentments, Tax integration, Usage, etc. - presentation only

The team walked through each dashboard and shared guidelines on how to turn the insights into actions. If you missed the session, please check out the presentation and video below.

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From Insights to Actions: Zuora's System Health Dashboard

About Zuora’s System Health Dashboards

Zuora System Health contains dashboards that display key metrics on usage, performance, and failures of your Zuora products. The API dashboard displays data in the last 7 days and other dashboards display data in the last 30 days. You can use these dashboards to monitor and gain insights from system metrics in real-time. You can specify the time range and subset of data using the filter on each dashboard. With the data retrieved from the System Health dashboards, you can diagnose issues and take actions efficiently. Review each dashboard in-depth in our Knowledge Center.