Building Real-Time vs. Batch Workflows

By Lana Lee posted 01-11-2023 09:49


We kicked off our 2023 Community Table Talks on January 10th with our Workflow Best Practice Workshop where Product Manager of Platform and Workflow @Karnbir Singh broke down building real-time and batch workflows.

A real-time workflow is when you execute a workflow on single-record events while a batch workflow is when you execute workflows on process events or long-scheduled intervals.  Below is a comparison chart:

Real-Time Workflow

Batch Workflow

  • Execute on single record events
    • Invoice Posted
    • Order Processed
    • Account Created
  • Uses synchronous tasks
    • Object Query
    • Cancel Subscription
  • Can execute quickly and handle concurrency well
  • Execute on process events or long scheduled intervals
    • Bill Run Completed
    • Payment Run Completed
    • Daily Gateway Reconciliation
  • Uses asynchronous tasks
    • Data Query
    • Data Source Export
  • Iterate: Chunk Size 50
  • Can execute quickly and handle concurrency well with chunking and use of Zuora bulk APIs


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Building Real-Time Workflows vs. Batch Workflows

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