Let’s Talk About The Orders Update

By Lana Lee posted 10-11-2022 10:13


On October 6th, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk about Orders and the rolling release to enable Orders Harmonization for remaining Subscribe and Amend customers. Rest assured that all customers can adopt Orders Harmonization with no impact to existing integrations or processes.  As part of our normal release cycles, now until the end of the year, we will be turning on orders harmonization for the remaining S/A customers with the exclusion of joint billing/revenue customers and customers who have Zuora CPQ on v9.7 and below.

Below are some of the session highlights and if you missed the session with @Natalie Kalas, @Shannon Mobey, and @Shawn Xuereb, check out the presentation and video that you can watch on-demand and also review the release notes in the Knowledge Center.

Benefits of the Orders Update 

  • Bundle multiple amendments into one order
  • Native, easy to use ramp deals support
  • New charge model support
  • A new developer experience with Zuora API v2, a java client library 2.0, node client library 1.0
  • Bill to/payment term profile support at subscription level
  • Bill for anything by creating an order to represent all other non subscription items
  • CPX - A new single-page application named Quote Studio

FAQs Answered During the Session

  1. What happens when Orders Harmonization is turned on?
  2. Do I need to start using the orders object to manage my subscriptions?
  3. Will orders harmonization impact my existing integrations or require code changes?
  4. How did Zuora test to ensure orders harmonization will not have an impact on my existing integrations?
  5. How do I assess what impact adopting orders has on my current configurations?
  6. Is there anyone at Zuora who can help me assess my integration impacts?
  7. Where do I find the most up to date information on orders/orders harmonization?

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Let's Talk About the Orders Update, Oct. 6, 2022 - NOAM/EMEA

Key Takeaway: You Need the Orders Update

The Orders Update future-proofs your Zuora stack by simplifying orders capture, allowing you to bill for anything, providing easy to use, native support for ramp deals and the ability to report on Delta Metrics for MRR/TCB/ TCV.  Contact or your CSM to assess your integration impacts, and if you are not sure who your CSM is, send an email to