Working Together Through Zuora Workflows

By Lana Lee posted 10-04-2022 10:40

On September 28th, the Zuora Community Hosted a Workflow Workshop with @Karnbir Singh, Product Manager, Platform, Workflow and @Serg Martinez, Principal Enterprise Architect who were on-hand to answer questions and listen to product feedback.  If you missed the session, please see the 5-minute Tool Tip and presentation below.

In this session, Karn shared what’s coming soon with Workflow including
  • More UX improvements and features
  • Focusing on user personas from lighter to heavier Workflow tasks
  • Bringing Workflow into the Zuora ecosystem

Best Practices When Using Building Workflows
Serg shared his Best Practices When Building Workflows document that includes tips like
  • Having a clear vision of the high level business flow before building a workflow.
  • Staying away from hardcoded values of the likes of emails, object Ids, credentials, run Ids for other workflows, etc.
  • Validating for a “success” status response from a Zuora API Callout

5-Minute Zuora Tool Tip - Ease up WF Run Analysis With This Simple Trick

At each Table Talk, we share a 5-minute Zuora Tool tip and in this session Serg shared a tip to incorporate object names/numbers into the task names by using liquid expressions in the task name to make it easier to follow the execution path of your workflow. Doing this task will help you troubleshoot or understand the business conditions under which your workflow executes.

Watch the Workflow Tool Tip:


We asked attendees to share their questions in the Workflow group, and one question about Using JSON Transform With JSONata Processor To Created Nested JSON Object From "Flat" CSV File was actually answered in the Community by an attendee in the earlier session! If you have any Workflow questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the Workflow Community here.

More Workflow Sessions Coming Soon

Overall, we had lively discussions both sessions expressed that they would love to have regularly-scheduled Workflow Workshops where they can connect with other users and make sure that they’re solving problems the same way. Additionally, there was interest in having sessions for those who are new to Workflow as well as advanced users. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of shaping (e.g. suggesting discussion topics, cadence, format), chime in below.