Aligning Chart of Accounts and Revenue Recognition with Zuora Billing

By Lana Lee posted 08-10-2022 17:00


On August 10th, the Zuora Community hosted a Finance Best Practice workshop with Zuora Finance and Revenue expert Monique Romero where she shared some tips on Revenue Recognition with Zuora Billing.

The Community workshop recording was shared with attendees. If you weren’t able to attend, check out these best practices to follow from her presentation:

  • Why align your GL chart of accounts with Zuora chart of accounts?
  • What to do when your Revenue and AR been out of balance at end of month?
  • Why is it a good practice to check Revenue Rules first?
  • What is the difference between Billing and Revenue?
  • How does a Revenue Rule impact my AR?
  • What are best practices in setting the Revenue Rule transaction date?
    • How to not recognize revenue before the transaction occurs? What will the journal entries look like?
    • How to recognize revenue over the recognition term? What will the journal entries look like?

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Finance Best Practice - Aligning Chart of Accounts (08/2022)

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