[Videos] Unified Monetization Community Table Talk (March 2022)

By Lana Lee posted 03-04-2022 13:22


On March 3rd, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk on Unified Monetization.  In the session, Product Managers David Hoang, Luning Wang, Fang Zhang, and Sales Engineer Chris Hemenway, gave an overview of this new feature.  Zuora enables companies to monetize anything as a service with the only complete quote-to-revenue monetization platform. Now imagine a world where you can monetize anything as a service without any customizations:

3 Unified Monetization Benefits:

One unified omni-channel order experience, allowing you to sell and serve your customers on any channel and have those channels in sync with each other. Subscribers can start an order on the web and finish with sales and vice versa.

One unified invoicing and payment experience. That means its a consolidated invoice for all products, subscriptions, and services no matter which platform its running through.

One source of truth for all subscriber data. Zuora is constantly syncing the relevant statuses from the ERP back to the subscriber record in Zuora so reps will never have to check multiple places.

To learn more, check out the following presentation and each Table Talk recording as each session’s product experts discuss Unified Monetization from their specialized perspective:

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[Playlist] Unified Monetization (March 2022)

AM Session Video

with @David Hoang, Director of Product Management, Billing and  @Chris Hemenway, Sales Engineering Manager

Session highlights (including a demo):

  1. How to use Unified Monetization with professional services
  2. Combining Subscription and Hardware orders. 
  3. Whether publicly held companies can rely on Zuora for auditable rev rec and reporting that meets all needed regulations.

PM Session Video

with @Luning Wang, Senior Product Manager, and @Fang Zhang, Product Manager Order Management

Session highlights:

  1. Demo - Order Line Item
  2. Demo - Create a standalone subscription-based invoice
  3. Demo - Consolidating recurring and non-recurring invoices

Get Started with Unified Monetization

The Unified Invoicing feature is generally available as of Zuora Billing Release 313, November 2021. New customers will have the feature enabled by default. If you are an existing customer and want to access the feature, submit a request at Zuora Global Support for Unified Invoicing.