[Videos] CPQ X Community Table Talk

By Lana Lee posted 10-27-2021 14:02


On October 26th, the Zuora Community hosted a Table Talk on CPQ X which is scheduled for general availability on November 8, 2021.  Below, you will find the presentation and session recordings.

In both sessions  @John Byrnes, CPQ Product Manager, and @Alan Chou, Software Engineer gave attendees a glimpse into CPQ X including:

  • Why Did We Build CPQ X?
  • CPQ X Overview
  • Important First Steps
  • Limitations and Functional Compatibility
  • Demonstration

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[Playlist] CPQ X (OCT 2021)

Session Chat Q&As

There are additional questions asked during the session, so be sure to check out the recording!

    1. Is it either a preview call every time OR on-demand preview?
      Yes. Standard functionality is for the Preview Call to fire every time a change is made to the quote to retrieve the latest metrics from the Billing Engine. Conversely, with the “On-Demand Preview Metrics” setting enabled CPQ X will only fire the Preview API call when the user selects the Preview Metrics button that lives in the Metrics Footer. This button can be selected as many times as necessary to fetch the latest metrics before finally sending the quote to Zuora.

    2. Can you filter on custom fields on rate plans (e.g. show only certain types of rate plans across all products?)
      Yes. Our search product field loads all fields that live on the product and rate plan object dynamically, you should be able to pick a custom field there.

    3. Can you configure some rules that further products are added automatically when you add a special product - example add B&C when A was selected?
      Currently only through the native CPQ Rules Engine, which are limited in that they do not address “time/date” as a parameter so in the case of Ramp Deals or Future Dated Actions the Rules will not fire. We do have plans to address Product Bundling from a Core Zuora Product Catalog perspective in Zuora’s Q4 (November - January) and likely to be released in early Q1, that CPQ X will then natively leverage, so keep an eye out for that.

    4. Could you use future-dated actions to remove a discount after a time?
      Yes, you can. A future-dated action is simply an Order Action with an Effective Date set at some point in the future. Anything possible to create as an Order Action as defined by Zuora is possible to create in CPQ X.

    5. I love the UX of "effective price" but we don't use it as it doesn't store the discount info when the order makes it into Zuora Billing - so we can't easily report on it. Are there any plans to change how this works?
      Unfortunately, CPQ’s “in-line discounting” does not translate directly into a discount downstream due to the Discount Charge Model functionality defined by Zuora. Although there are ways to calculate an “in-line discount” by reporting off both the Effective Price and List Price in Zuora. We realize this may not be ideal and Zuora is currently working on broadly improving the Product Catalog, but we don’t have an exact timeline for changes to Discounting functionality. 

    6. Does CPQ 9 support Features and Entitlements?
      Features are supported in CPQ but no significant investments recently. See 

      • When CPQ X goes GA, how will customers be notified that they can enable the functionality, and I'm assuming that will still need to be through Support?
        Customers will be notified through the Community’s Release Notifications. Sign up to receive email updates here

        What Table Talk Attendees Said About CPQ X

        • Overall CPQ X looks really good and I hope we have a chance soon to take a proper look.
        • The UI looks great and is very intuitive!
        • CPQ X is looking really good.

        Learn More About Zuora CPQ X

        Check out our CPQ X documentation to learn more and stay tuned for more announcements leading up to the November 8th general release.