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Professional Connections Are More Important Now Than Ever

By Lana Lee posted 02-18-2021 10:05




Connecting with others professionally while social distancing is hard. Conferences are canceled (or virtual), and it's difficult to capture one's attention as well as find times to quickly touch base with your co-workers as many of us are juggling personal and professional lives at home. 

Before COVID, networking events abounded where we could easily connect with others and exchange ideas. But now, it's so easy to fall into the trap of working in a bubble - not having ways to benchmark your performance, causing you to doubt yourself, your skills, and your competence level. 

You may be asking yourself:

  • I'm Zuora Admin certified, but why don't I feel like I know what I'm doing? (career)
  • How can I connect with other Zuora users like me? (networking)
  • Am I using Zuora in the most efficient way? (best practices)
  • Is Workflow right for my Company? How can it help? (peer product reviews)

In times like these, being able to chat professionally with others matters.  Not only does it bring reassurance in a time of uncertainty, but it also creates abundant opportunities for personal and career growth such as improving your soft skills and product knowledge. 

Don't Use Zuora Alone! Join the Zuora Community.

In addition to connecting with others by answering questions, the community has career-focused Zuora Interest Groups as well as groups specific to your Zuora role (administrators, developers) to connect with others who face the same day-to-day challenges you do.

Also check out our upcoming Community Table Talks where Zuora experts and users discuss specific topics (Analytics, Zuora Central Sandbox, Collect, etc.). Imagine having virtual roundtable discussions on strategies and best practices with other users and Zuora solutions architects! 

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