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3 Must-Follow Zuora Revenue Community Areas

By Lana Lee posted 07-24-2020 18:20


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Running into problems that interfere with your work productivity is really frustrating especially when youre the only person working on that project. Here are 3 areas in the Community you should definitely subscribe to whether youre an advanced user or new to Zuora Revenue:


  • Zuora Revenue Notifications
    Stay updated on the latest release information and scheduled maintenance and find out what activities will be carried out as well as if there will be any impact to your RevPro systems.

  • Zuora Revenue Discussion Forum 
    Monitored by our internal teams who share solutions and best practices, this forum is the place you want to follow as you might also be able to help another user out or even post a question of your own.

  • Zuora Revenue Ideas
    Product suggestions are always welcome especially if you have an idea that could really benefit several other users.  


Dive Deeper with Community Chapters

While posting in the Community is great, sometimes its better to talk things out with other users in real-time. Thats where Community Chapters come into play.  These groups provide a great way to network and find camaraderie with other users as well as discuss the latest product improvements and share best practices. 

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