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Best Practice Checklist: Revenue Recognition Prerequisites for Month-End Close in Zuora Billing 

01-04-2024 16:30

Strengthen your Zuora foundation with best practice checklists from the Community, Knowledge Center, and Self Service Solutions so that you can confidently use Zuora. This checklist focuses on the Revenue Recognition Prerequisites for the Month-End Close Process in Zuora Billing. 

Prerequisite 1 - Setup Revenue Automation Start Date

Setup Revenue Automation Start Date - Revenue schedules will only be generated for transactions generated after this date

Prerequisite 2 - Setup Revenue Recognition Models

Setup Revenue Recognition Models - A revenue rule model is the underlying template used to create revenue rules. A rule is an instance of a rule model that you can create and apply to a product charge. The revenue rule includes various configurations such as recognition start and end dates. Rules are assigned to your product rate plan charges.

Prerequisite 3 - Setup Revenue Recognition Rule

Setup Revenue Recognition Rule - For each product rate plan charge, you need to configure 3 fields: Revenue Recognition Rule, Recognized Revenue Accounting Code, and Deferred Revenue Accounting Code

Additional Formulae

Daily Over Time and Monthly Revenue Formulae

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