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Additional email contacts and Payment notifications

Additional email contacts and Payment notifications

The addresses located in the "Additional email" field in the Account record are only included when sending out Invoice Notifications.

When sending out Payment Notifications, those addresses are excluded.


Could we request that the Payment notifications also pay attention to the addresses in the "Additional email" field?



(posting this on behalf of a customer)

Zuora Alumni
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Hi Amy,


I put this in the product backlog. Thanks for the input!


I also think this is important.  Its very confusing for our accounting users who see "Additional Email Addresses" on the account view, but don't realize that applies to a very limited set of communications.


Please provide status on this.

Zuora Alumni

We have it in our backlog and are targeting an upcoming release (which one is still TBD). I am doing what I can to include this in one of our 4Q18 releases.