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process that would not require Zuora credentials when viewing synced invoice pdf in Salesforce

Feature Request: process that would not require the Zuora user credentials when viewing synced invoice pdf in Salesforce

Status: Zuora's Product and Development team planning to deploy the process along with our November feature updates

Reference Number: DE7628

Business Need:

The design of viewing invoice pdfs in Salesforce that were generated from Z-Billing and were synced to Salesforce is that it requires users to log-in using their Z-Billing credentials. If they do not key-in their Z-Billing credentials on the pop-up window, SFDC users would not be able to view the invoice pdfs.

The concern is that the customer would not want to distribute their Z-Billing credentials to all of their Salesforce users. With the current design, the customer would either provide a Z-Billing log in access to all their SFDC user (which is what they do not want to do) or not let their SFDC sales personnel to view invoice pdfs. 

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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I believe this has been implmented.

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Status changed to: Implemented