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Allow ability to turn off in-line editing on quote detail page

Allow ability to turn off in-line editing on quote detail page

Older versions of the Zuora quoting package did not allow for in-line editing. That was very useful to us, because we need control over when our end users can and cannot edit the quote. We'd love it if the in-line editing could either be turned on or off with a master setting or if in-line editing could be turned on/off based on the record type or some field value.


Our use case is we use the standard Default record type as a sort of 'draft' mode while our users configure the quote. The standard record type includes the buttons for editing the quote and products, but not the ability to generate a PDF.


Once they are ready to generate the PDF order form, they switch to a different record type. This custom record type is sort of a 'locked' mode that prevents changes to the products but allows users to generate PDF. We accomplished this by including or omitting certain buttons on each page layout.


In-line editing prevents us from using this approach and caused issues for us. For now we are using the old Quote Detail Product Selctor, but it'd be nice to have a consistent UI and use the most current components in the package.