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Support for changing trigger dates using orders

Support for changing trigger dates using orders

Currently there are no support for changing trigger dates (Contract Effective Date, Service Activation Date, Customer Acceptance Date) using the orders functionality. It is possible using amendments but not orders.

This is needed when unintentiallly setting the wrong trigger dates when creating subscriptions using orders.


See https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/BC_Subscription_Management/Orders/C_Known_Limitations_in_Orders

"Trigger Dates: Once rate plan charge trigger dates are set, you cannot directly update or override the trigger dates."

Valued Scholar

This is vital to NCR to avoid billing issues in our financial business.

Savvy Scholar

This is a showstopper for onboarding to "Orders" in one our our implementation projects. Will this feature be considered to be implemented soon?



Support SME

This is now possible when the the Allow update Subscription trigger dates? setting is set to Yes. Please refer to more details at Updating the Trigger Dates for a Subscription