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Mass Order Entry support for duplicate rate plans on a subscription

Mass Order Entry support for duplicate rate plans on a subscription

The Mass Order Entry function currently uses Product.Name + RatePlan.Id as a composite proxy key for current charge lines on a subscription. This is a bad proxy because the same product and rate plan may occur multiple times on the same subscription. The Mass Order Entry function fails when it encounters these subscriptions.


Ideally, the function would instead use a primary key that uniquely identifies the current version of a charge line. Absent this, it would use a better proxy key. For example, the Mass Order Entry Template already includes RatePlanCharge.ChargeNumber under the heading "Charge Name." The proxy composite key RatePlanCharge.ChargeNumber + RatePlanCharge.IsLastSegment = TRUE more accurately identifies the current charge lines on a subscription.


Zuora could implement this chage without impacting customers that rely on the current Mass Order Entry function by switching to a new proxy key based on the current template requirements. If the development team has concerns about this approach, you could invoke the new proxy key only when the current proxy key returns an error.


I agree, we have had many issues around the lack of unique Id on the charges.


I am totally on board with this new idea! We need the ability to remove multiple occurrences the same rate plan a subscription using the Mass Order Entry feature. We periodically have price changes (Upgrades) and need to remove these types of rate plans from subscriptions.  Unfortunately, we have to manually remove them using User Interface (Amendments) and this very time consuming.  Using the Mass Order Entry feature to do this task would save us time and effort, in addition, we could plan better for upcoming price changes.