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Charge multipliers

Charge multipliers

It would be great if Zuora could allow the ability for one charge to affect another. Perhaps Zuora could develop a Charge model which multiplies price of tiers in another charge based on the quantity of units purchased in the multiplier charge. This is a current challenge we have at the business I'm working with at the moment.


Charge A

  • charge model: Volume pricing
  • Tier A: 1-10 £10
  • Tier B: 11-20 £11
  • charge name: Magic Software Suite
  • default quantity: 11
  • UOM: Users


Charge B

  • Charge model: Multiplier tier charge
  • Tier A: 1 - 5: 5%
  • Tier B: 6 - 10: 4%
  • UOM: "Support Cover Points"
  • Product Rate Plan Charge ID: Charge A
  • (perhaps this can be applied to Rate Plan Charge Level, Rate Plan Level, Subscription Level in the same way discount charge model works?)


In this example, the Quantity of Support Cover Points in Charge B multiply the charges generated by Charge A by the chosen flat fee percentage.

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Savvy Scholar

Hello! I just commented on a similar 'Support Percentage Amount' post, but would like to follow up on this status as well. The ability to apply a % based charge is becoming increasingly important to our pricing/product planning. Right now we are using the Discount charge model and applying a 'negative' discount to acheive this charge. Certainly not desirable, and we still don't have the ability to specify the RPC to apply it to, so it gets applied to all recurring RPCs on that Subscription. Any update here would be great, thanks.