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Change what date the subscription-invoice preview screen starts from

Change what date the subscription-invoice preview screen starts from

Per Shawn (shawn.seath@solarwinds.com):

In Zuora when we preview a subscription, it appears to always starts at the (original) Subscription Start Date, which can result in more than 1 full year of months that already occurred prior to the most recent renewal. So, we have to scroll down to the latest renewal date and review the impact of our most recent amendment there. Instead, it would be better if this screen would just show the months starting with the Subscription Term Start Date, which we believe bumps up to the current year when each year‰Û¡ÌÝå»s renewal is done, right?

For an example - https://www.zuora.com/apps/CustomerAccount.do?method=view&id=2c92a0fb495a5b1b01495e3852343f71

On this subscription, you will see its original subscription (Contract Effective Date) starts October 1, 2014. Since it was renewed for 10/1/15-10/1/16, it would be better if the preview started with October 2015 and went forward to the Term End Date, so we would no longer have to scroll through their old (unchanged, already billed) invoices. 

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There shouldn't be a cap at all (60 months) to allow us to view new and historic invoices. We are starting to see this issue occur now. 

Why can't the 60 months be extended? Or cap simply removed?


This effects us when reconciling the account, and effects our ability to preview an invoice before posting.

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We do most of our subscription management from the preview page. This is a huge problem for us and seriously affects our use of the Zuora software. The preview is the only way to simply see the invoice history of a subscription in one place.
It is also our primary view when checking and manually calculating quotes and potential errors . This should and needs to be fixed.


Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Hi, the limit is there mainly for performance reasons.   Can you give me a bit more information why you need to look at more than 5 years worth of invoicing data?


Hi Lei

I appreciate that you took the time to follow up with the comments made to this post.


Here are some of the reasons why we need the Preview function to work past 5 years:

1) this limitation stops us from even previewing not only past but more importantly future invoices:

a) if i run a renewal i cannot preview it, i would have to activate it and it forces us to run the bill run in order to view it.  Which is an extra step, in addition to this extra step we would then have to cancel the draft invoice if it was just for viewing purposes at that time. 

b) If a customer wished to extend their subscrioption for less then 12 months we would use the terms and conditions amendment option in order to provide our sales reps quotes rather than having to figure out the calculation manually since Zuora is date sensitive, this also avoids discrepancies that may occur if we were to calcualte this manually.  This was a huge bonus when we looked at Zuora as being our billing system of choice. Taking the manual calculations out of the equation like we used to have to do.

c) reconciling accounts- to view past invoices ensures that we are billing our customers correctly. We uplift our customers year over year so when these uplifts happen to be challenged we need to be able to see past invoices to ensure accuracy.

d) There are times when we have to create multiple subscriptions, so we currently already have to view multiple screens as it is so having to create another subsciption as a work around everytime this error occurs is just another step that is time consuming and in my opinion not efficient.

e) Zuora  has the Preview function so that an invoice is viewed before entering the contract effective date. And now this is not the case.

In order to avoid errors this feature is used daily and on EVERY account we manage.


Please take this enhancement request into consideration

looking forward to your response

Susana Solman

Halogen Software

Billing Prime

Ottawa, Canada


Previewing customer's sub. is a very significant tool for us in billing in terms of efficiency and accuracy.


We are hilghly dependent on previewing historical and future data of subscriptions which help us in invoicing,quoting and reconciling accounts. Using preview, invoicing errors can be easily avoided before posting.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Thanks for the feedback.  I will look into this and report back.


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Status changed to: Under Consideration

We had Zuora in 2012 and as 5 years are approaching we are encountering 60 months preview issues more frequently and hence slowing down our response time ( providing quote for future years) and efficiency. Please look into this one as soon as possible.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

I'm happy to report that this issue will be addressed in our April release.  You can now specify a preview start date and preview for up to 5 years.  The preview start date can be anywhere between the subscription start date and the last invoice date.